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Personal Vision Statement





     Honestly my personal statement is pretty straight forward. I want to graduate from good college, get a job and live peacefully. But most importantly, I wish to still enjoy life during and after achieving these goals. If I study hard during my years in college, it is totally feasible to get even better degrees in better schools. I could then have much better chances of finding job that could suit my interest as well as my lifestyle. Achieving the first two goals is ultimately what could lead me to have “successful” life. Financially I would be satisfied with being able to support myself so that is completely within my reach as long as I work hard. After all, if I am unable to support myself and see the results of my high school and college, it could be a wasted time.


     Even though I might eventually achieve these goals, I want the journey to be one worth reminiscing and full of fun memories. I want to be physically satisfied with myself as well.I still want to play ultimate and basketball even after high school and college. I also want to make many new friends while still enjoying my time with my family. I honestly it would still be possible for me to enjoy the things I still while still achieving for better things in my life. It might be a bit of longshot to dream of achieving everything you want out of life but I definitely believe that it is possible to be at least not lacking in those things.


     I am already planning to attend UCSD starting next fall so I am already on my way to achieving my goals. All I can truly hope for is to find the perfect balance between things I want to do and things I need to do. I am sure that even nearing that point could still result in satisfying life.

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